The impact your gifts can make

"Establishing an independent research career is so important for the scientist in the University. The Dorothy Hodgkin Career Development Fellowship can give that opportunity to an outstanding woman who has had a career break. It is a project which would have been close to Dorothy's heart."

-Dr Margaret Adams, Dorothy Hodgkin and E.P. Abraham Cephalosporin Fellow and Tutor in Chemistry, Somerville College

"Funding for early career researchers is intensely competitive. A prestigious fellowship such as the Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship would provide a successful applicant with the opportunity to conduct world-class interdisciplinary research at the University of Oxford, with relative freedom of research direction, and also provide a strong basis for development of an independent academic career. The existence of the Fellowship would celebrate the success of a world-famous scientist in Dorothy Hodgkin, and would also send a strong message that the University of Oxford, and the Department of Chemistry (and linked departments) are supportive of researchers who have caring responsibilities."

-An Oxford scientist who discovered our project when seeking funding to continue her research after an extended career break of three years to raise a family

"I was chosen to reply to you this evening as the one woman of our group, a position which I hope very much will not be so very uncommon in future that it will call for any comment or distinctions of this kind, as more and more women carry out research in the same way as men."

-Dorothy Hodgkin’s Nobel Banquet Speech, Stockholm, 10 December, 1964